has seen the future.
using ancient musical instrument artefacts of the 20th/21st centuries,
S P O I L E R is based between post-apocalyptic San Fransisco, and the increasingly gentrified off-world human-constructed sanctuary: Evangelos,
they are currently, via good old-fashioned time travel, temporarily residing in Berlin 2018,
with the single aim of restoring and re-releasing the infamously contended-over soundtrack to the second Bladerunner film,
(p)re-recorded in 2017,
before the film’s release.
a film which
predicted and presented the most eerily accurate depiction
of the beginnings of post global nuclear war planet Earth.
S P O I L E R brings you,
the alternative soundtrack to the second bladerunner film,* (1)
in its complete astonishing glory.
when you purchase this sacred music, you will have the option of receiving a (real) endangered animal, to show you care* (2)
**** :
(1) may or may not be censored by evil AI overlords of social media whose reach extends to all online platforms except text-blocks in bandcamp. the real title is ‘the Actual Soundtrack to the 2nd Bladerunner Film’
(2) also a sign of status/empathy, in the post-apocalyptic world we hail from.
S P O I L E R 
the Alternate Soundtrack to the 2nd Bladerunner film
released April 8, 2018
S P O I L E R ‘s debut album is an assemblage of interwoven thematic episodes, cut-up explosive improvisations and cinematic climaxes – sculpted into an epic saga of pre-emptively imagined film music to the Second Bladerunner Film.
Liz Kosack – synth
Julia Reidy – guitar
Sam Hall – drums
Brad Henkel – trumpet
Available now on picture frames,
fans have the option of adopting an animal, which includes a photo for your frame, along with a certificate of adoption.